Our water treatment division is focused on oil and gas. Where we have shown no bias to any equipment, but source and combine the best components from all around the world to provide clients with technology that best fits the application, is best in class and best for the business.

Petro-Consult supplies primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment solutions. Utilizing the latest and proven separation technologies through our customer focused engineering solutions Petro-Consult ensure clients meet their performance targets and surpass environmental standards.

To highlight our strength in this market, we have participated jointly with ENPPI (Engineering for Petroleum Projects) in the provision of equipment to the largest petroleum company in the world, ARAMCO with an oily/water separation plant, with a capacity of 850,000 barrels of water per day. In a joint project with our partners at the time Siemens Water Technologies.

Petroconsult can also supply high accuracy hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical metering systems, which requires a comprehensive, reliable and workable control system to collect and process metering data. From simple standalone flow computers to sophisticated panels incorporating dual redundancy and the latest in supervising systems.