As for our marine supplies, we are focused on supplying complex, sophisticated offshore vessels and every ship we supply bares the hallmark of Petro-Consult’s experience.

The guiding principles behind Petro-Consult to deliver fit for purpose vessels without compromise, helps us provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. From design to sourcing to the final product. Every vessel built is a culmination of our decades of focus, experience, technology and passion. We constantly evolve to ensure a final product that meets every requirement, present and future. We are supplying better engineered vessels that are more sustainable, more cost effective and longer lasting.  All this, to only deliver the best offshore support vessels that are built with in demand features to help our customers be ahead of the game.

One of our references is brokering the sale of a 67-meter DSV DP2 vessel from Sealink Shipyard (Malaysia) to Timsah Shipbuilding Company.

We also brokered the sale of an 85-meter DSV DP2 vessel from Coastal Contracts (Singapore) to Petroleum Marine Services (PMS).